European Immigration


There are by now 28 member states in the European Union.
The “Startup Visa” is a temporary residence permit provided by numerous European countries to invite entrepreneurs who are interested to invest their funds in a Start up entrepreneurship and receive permanent residency stay afterwards. The following developed European countries apply the “Startup visa route” and if you follow the route successfully you could end up with European Citizenship.

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Republic of Austria

It is composed of nine federated states (Bundesländer), one of which is Vienna, Austria's capital and its largest city. It is bordered by Germany to the Northwest, the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

Austria has been a member of the United Nations since 1955 and joined the European Union in 1995. Austria also signed the Schengen Agreement in 1995 and adopted the euro currency in 1999.

Permanent immigration to Austria

Third-country nationals, i.e. persons, who are not EEA citizens or Swiss nationals, need a residence permit for Austria when they plan to stay longer than six months. For stays up to six months, third-country nationals do not need a residence permit. They need a visa.

For stays up to 90 days within 180 days a visa is not required for some third-country nationals (depending on their citizenship).

Criteria-based Immigration to Austria - Red-White-Red Card

You are a qualified worker and citizen of a third country (a country outside the EU) seeking to live and work in Austria?

In this case, you need the Red-White-Red Card. The Red-White-Red Card is issued for a period of 24 months and entitles you as the holder to fixed-term settlement and employment by the employer specified in your application.

You are eligible for a Red-White-Red Card if you belong to one of the following groups:

DRSI LAW can evaluate your eligibility for each category and place you under the correct category for your needs and intention.

Self-employed Key Workers

As a third-country national you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card for Self-employed Key Workers if your self-employed occupation in Austria creates macroeconomic benefit going beyond its own operational benefit.

This may be the case if-

  1. your intended occupation involves a sustained transfer of investment capital to Austria amounting to €100.000 minimum or

  2. your intended occupation creates new jobs or secures existing jobs in Austria or

  3. your establishment involves the transfer of know-how respectively the introduction of new technologies or

  4. your business is of considerable significance for the entire region.

For self-employed key workers, there is no point system. After a completed total settlement period of two years, you can be issued a settlement permit for three years.

Start-up Founders

As a third-country national you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card for start-up founders if you

  • establish a company in order to develop and launch on the market innovative products, services, processing methods or technologies

  • to that end submit a consistent business plan for establishing and running that company

  • personally exert a controlling influence on the management of the newly set-up company

  • prove capital for the company to be founded amounting to €50.000 minimum with an equity share of at least 50 %

  • can score 50 points minimum according to the Austrian Calculation Test

DRSI LAW can evaluate the test and your criteria assessment based on language, education, financial investment funds, age, and other criteria.

Naturalisation - Austrian Passport through Austrian citizenship

  • General 10 years legal and continuous residence in Austria, therefrom minimum of 5 years with a residence permit

  • Integrity

    • No judicial condemnation

    • No pending criminal action (both in Austria and abroad)

    • No severe administrative offenses with a special degree of unlawfulness

  • Sufficiently secured maintenance

  • German language skills and basic Austrian history knowledge of the democratic system (Module 2)

  • Positive attitude towards the Republic of Austria and warranty that there is no danger for the public peace, order, and security

  • No pending proceeding regarding the termination of residence

  • No current prohibition of residence or enforceable return decision

  • And other requirements

DRSI LAW can evaluate the Austrian citizenship eligibility and your criteria assessment based on language, education, financial investment funds, age and other criteria.