BREXIT? WHO IS OFFENDING WHO? 17.4 million British citizens voted in a 52 per cent majority to LEAVE the European Union. We could think that democracy was in the making and that the will of the people would be granted. However, Parliament, consisting of the House of Commons and the House of Lords (dozing in their robes), didn’t (and still don’t) see eye-to-eye with the people.​

Whenever I start an article, I usually make a statement of law... ... and then begin my opinion with ...."and now comes the interesting part."  Then after asking my editors…

להמשך קריאה

E2 Treaty Investor visas for the Diamond Industry. The trade today needs to reach a point of a few million dollar in value per year, and if not, the trader will not be approved a visa, not for his company and not for himself or his employees.

Today, Attorney Daliah Sklar - expert in Global Immigration Solutions and Attorney Alon Shiry shall be lecturing before the expert traders from the Diamond Industry on July 1st, 2019 -…

להמשך קריאה
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