Our method of communication is clear – call our offices on 077.5166.505 or write us a short email to office@drsi-law.com

The receptionist will put you through to our fabulous Office Manager Neli, who shall patiently listen to your case details. She will take your details and pass them over to the specific expert in the office who shall try to get back to you within 24 hours.

OPTION I – Professional Consultations –   Some clients already know that they are ready for a professional legal opinion. They are ready to book an appointment and can go ahead and look at the calender.  A one on one hour consultation with the Head Attorney Daliah Sklar will cost you 1400 NIS Local VAT @ 17% ( approx $386 USD). 

OPTION II – One Legal Question – Some clients have a small legal matter that they want a professional answer to. You can send us this one question, and Neli will send you a payment invoice with a credit card payment slip. To receive a short summarized response we will charge 350 NIS @ VAT @17%.

OPTION III –  “Just a quick question”  – Twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday for 2 hours, Daliah can have a “quick question/ answer” time. If you are interested – this is a 15 minute speedy question vv answer time. This is important – both for the office and for the client. We only want to deal with strong cases and we believe that you have the right to know if your case is worthy or not.   Neli will send you a payment invoice with a credit card payment slip and book you a 15 minute slot at the first chance free. We will charge 200 NIS @ VAT @17%.

* All fees paid at this introductory stage for a consultation are deducted from Legal Fees, should you come on as paying clients within 30 days.  

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