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A Second Passport? Just buy another passport? Why not? 

If you want to have two homes or multiple cars or more shoes than you actually need – why do you do it? There are numerous reasons, but it may be simple- CHOICE

I can afford to choose and I can afford to pay to expand my options. 

Multiple Reasons – By having multiple citizenships, this opens your global travel options vastly, speed of mobility since other countries do not require a visa to enter, reduced tax programs and even attractive real estate options. In some instances, this can permit employment in a specific country such as Cyprus opens the door to all of Europe. Other countries permit easier access to international treaties such as Turkish and Grenada citizenship that connects you to Investment treaties in the United States.

Different Passports Available

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is a country of South and Southeast Europe on the coast of the Balkans. It borders Bosnia-Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east,

Albania to the southeast,the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, and Croatia to the west. Montenegro has an area of 13,812 square kilometers and a population of 620,079.

Location - The Montenegro citizenship program was recently launched on 3rd October 2019. It has an annual quota limitation of only 2,000 applications. This program is a simple and fast process of buying second citizenship by buying local property and a donation. The newly approved scheme offers the following prime benefits:

    • Fast procedure. Residency within 3 weeks and approval of citizenship within six months.

    • Dependents under 18 years of age are also granted citizenship with main applicants.

    • No language requirements.

    • No obligation to relinquish current nationality.

    • NATO Member.

    • Candidate country for future expansion of the EU, expected by 2025.

    • E-2 Treaty Program signed between Montenegro and the United States which allows citizens of Montenegro to reside and work in the U.S. under an E-2 Investor Visa.

    • Global mobility with access to 116 nations visa-free.

    • Next country in line for European membership

BASIC Requirements

Real Estate & Donation Option a) Real estate investment from €250,000 in an undeveloped region as well as €100,000 government contribution, which makes €350,000 the total capital amount required
Real Estate & Donation Option b) Real estate investment from €450,000 in a developed region as well as €100,000 government contribution, which makes €550,000 the total capital amount required.

Conclusion - In less than 6 months, for just under €70,000 per family of five, an applicant family can afford to buy a luxurious property in Montenegro, benefit from the monthly rent, travel to 116 visa-free, benefit from E2 investor treaty to the UK and take their vacations in a beautiful country. For more information about Property values and information in Montenegro please see our recent article.