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In accordance to the ‘ENTRANCE TO ISRAEL Law – 1952’, all foreigners entering Israel must demonstrate an entry clearance visa prior to arriving at Israeli border control. Israel has treaties with European Community member countries and the United States of America that permits these citizens to apply for their entry clearance at the Border control upon arrival.

Visitors may come to Israel for a number of reasons, however the burden of proof is on the visitor to demonstrate that he has been granted the correct entry clearance visa for this upcoming visit’s purpose. Entry to Israel should be taken seriously and upon arrival at the airport Ben Gurion – everyone will face scrutinizing security profiling and entry checks. DRSI law will prepare your visitors and can advise them how to address this. 


B1 Visa – This is a work visa sponsored by an Israeli company for a specialist foreigner. The process can take approximately 3-4 months and requires a large amount of documentation. 

B1 – 45 day work visa for TECH short work projects

B1 – 90 day work  visa for short projects

B1 – 365 day ( plus 4 year extensions) for long term employment projects for experts, managers and senior employees and technical support and specialists. 

B5 – 2 year visa – specifically for American investors and American entrepreneurs, and their employees, who have a company in Israel. 


The Work Permit & Work Visa process include the following steps:

  1. Submitting a work permit application to the Permits Unit at the Population and Immigration Authorities. The work permit application will be carefully examined by a committee which will determine whether the company and the experts met the threshold required for employment in Israel as a foreign expert.
  2. Submission of an Entrance-to-Israel work visa application at the relevant Israeli Ministry of Interior and sending the confirmation cable to the relevant Israeli consulate abroad.
  3. Obtaining the work visa at the Israeli consulate abroad.
  4. Requesting the temporary residency permit in the relevant Ministry of Interior in Israel for the requested time period, within 48 hours of the foreign employee entering Israel, and submitting the request for a multiple-entry visa for himself and the rest of his family.

B2 Visa – This is a visa that allows the foreigner temporary admission to visit the country for a short term business trip or for pleasure. 



Immigration to Israel, receiving Israeli citizenship is highly scrutinized and only granted under unique circumstances.  ‘The Law of Return, 1950’ grants any Jewish person the right to become a citizen of Israel and a passport holder immediately. A Jewish person is anyone who was born to a Jewish mother or converted or does not belong to another religion. This law also compels all children of Israeli citizens to become Israeli citizens too. This may have serious implications regarding The Israeli National Defense forces. Our office specializes in assisting families to utilize the rights correctly and strategically. 

There are a number of ways to become an Israeli citizen and passport holder:

  • Through the Law of Return – 1950
  • Through Living in Israel
  • Through birth in Israel
  • Through living and birth in Israel
  • Conversion to Judaism
  • Through marriage to an Israeli citizen (Resident & non Resident).

Please contact DRSI LAW offices to review your eligibility to get a work visa or immigrant visa to visit and work in Israel or to live in Israel Permanently. We shall help you with learning about your rights as a foreigner, your legal obligations, health benefits, national insurance, driving license, military obligations and many other questions that you may have. 

DRSI Law can also introduce you to Israeli Tax Specialists, Company Incorporators, Accountants, local corporate lawyers and Government Grants that are relevant to your industry. 

Mandatory Military Service In Israel

All Israeli citizens are recruited to join mandatory military service for the IDF or Israeli Defence Forces. All Israeli citizens who are over the age of 18 who are Jewish, Druze, or Circassian,.  Arab citizens of Israel are not recruited but that may volunteer.  Other exceptions are made on religious, physical, or psychological grounds. Foreigners from outside Israel may also volunteer to join the IDF through specific programs. 

Your position in the military is based on numerous factors such as IQ, experience, eyesight, languages, handicaps and more. They are usually assessed during a Selection Day called Yom Hamaer. It is divided into lectures, computerised assessments, discussions with assessors that will discuss your personality and assess your reactions in unfamiliar circumstances and your background. You can add in request for specific area that interests you such as 8200 – elite Cyber Unit Or Golani – elite combat unit. Contact the IDF Enlistment Center’s Coordinator for New Immigrants: idfoleh@gmail.com

Please contact DRSI LAW for an eligibility check of your case.

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