DRSI LAW can offer following related supplementary global services to you:

  1. Foreign Company incorporation US/ UK and Isle of Wight.
  2. Preparation and review of your business plan;
  3. Opening a Foreign US / UK bank account
  4. US Company ITIN
  5. UK Pension registration – Eligibility of UK State Pensions
  6. Notary Services – see tariff by Law for authentication of original documents or of a translation – http://www.justice.gov.il/Units/Noteryonim/Documents/Notary%20payment1.pdf
  7. British / US Property Acquisitions – individually or through loan notes & property bonds
  8. International same sex wedding ceremonies in Cyprus/ Denmark
  9. Acquisition of a 2nd passport within 6 months through a financial investment from $130,000 to $2.9 Million.

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