BREXIT? WHO IS OFFENDING WHO? 17.4 million British citizens voted in a 52 per cent majority to LEAVE the European Union. We could think that democracy was in the making and that the will of the people would be granted. However, Parliament, consisting of the House of Commons and the House of Lords (dozing in their robes), didn’t (and still don’t) see eye-to-eye with the people.​

Whenever I start an article, I usually make a statement of law… … and then begin my opinion with ….”and now comes the interesting part.”  Then after asking my editors and readers to comment, I usually get a response of …”It started off being boring but then, after I read the interesting part, it turned out to be an avid read, by which time I was falling asleep!”

So let’s start this article with the interesting part … BREXIT.  Yes, I know.  How many times do we have to hear that word.  What does it mean exactly? Is it a word? Is it a name?  A movement or a political party? Is it a description of the dead-lock in the British economy?  Is it the reason that property prices are dropping in London? (and property prices are rising in the North of the country.) Is Brexit the reason that some multinational companies are moving their headquarters elsewhere? (Ireland possibly.)  Is Brexit expanding a rift between races, cultures and genders in the UK? ….. Well yes. All of the above and much more.

The definition of BREXIT means Britain exiting the European Union.  It means that the UK triggered a strategic locomotion and half the world is now shocked, amazed and in freeze-framed, watching every newscast and desperately waiting for the train to move out of the station to who-knows-where.  And the other half are gawking over how ridiculous the Brits look!

Basically, 17.4 million British citizens voted in a 52 per cent majority to LEAVE the European Union.  We could think that democracy was in the making and that the will of the people would be granted. However, Parliament, consisting of the House of Commons and the House of Lords (dozing in their robes), didn’t (and still don’t) see eye-to-eye with the people.

If we go back a couple of years, it was Prime Minister David Cameron who suggested to the British people that a referendum (a yes-no vote) would solve a problem.  All voting-aged people were able to choose. REMAIN in the European Union or LEAVE the European Union. He made the error of assuming that the people would prefer to remain and that would be the end of that.  WRONG! He was so humiliated, he had to disappear as quickly as possible. Enter Mrs. May.

We have to give her credit where credit is due.  Even though she was a REMAINER, she did the honorable thing and tried her best for almost 3 years to LET HER PEOPLE GO.  The Europeans were not going to let that happen. Leave our group? Never…It could be said that the British Prime Minister was bullied and blocked every step of the way.  An imaginary Trumpian wall was higher and stronger than anyone could imagine. No-one had got out before. And so started the ridicule and mockery towards Mrs. May.

The unelected heads of the EU refused every deal she put on the table. World leaders criticized her for her weakness or laughed at her for ‘making a huge mistake in leaving the group’.  She tried her utmost to hold her head up high, as a true British politician should. To give her due respect, she never shouted ‘humiliation’ or ‘I am offended by the EU commissioners tone”.  She battled on through the political smog, never imagining that it would be her OWN government that would not support her deal. She returned from Brussels and said that it was the best deal that was put on the table.  Her own party, her own British government rejected it – hence she had to do the honorable thing and resign from the government, just as Cameron had done previously. In the next few days, the new Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party will be in Number 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the British government.  But again what?

Let us assume that Boris Johnson will take up command of the government and fight on for Brexit.  He will have just under 100 days to bring another deal/or no deal at all, to the Houses of Parliament.  As we have already said, the chances of them passing the deal are extremely low. And the new Prime Minister knows this.  The essence of democracy is in the air. Complete lunacy…the people voted in a democratic referendum but people up high seem to know what’s better for the country.  Meanwhile, other plans have to be made because the time limit on Brexit has been scheduled for October 31 of this year. There is simply no time to waste. And it’s not only the British citizens who are in a quandary.   People around the world want to stop the un-certainty of Brexit/no Brexit and MOVE ON. This not-knowing static situation is crumbling up the country, like a piece of moldy bread that has been thrown in the back of the pantry.

The Country just wants to get on with its daily business and thrive as it always has done.  If British people are ‘required’ to get a visa to enter France, so be it! If the British people are ‘required’ to pay a higher tariff on Spanish Manchego cheese, so be it!  And what about the famous BACKSTOP (viz a viz Northern Ireland)? The HUGE big stopper! We just have to look at Norway and Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus, to see that they have all managed their border issues and have found solutions in an amicable way.

It would seem that lots of people are ‘advising’ the British government on what to do.  “Be nice to the Europeans, otherwise they may not be nice to you after the divorce.” As we speak, the British are not going anywhere.  The other 27 countries of the European Union have spun a web so tight, no-one is getting out. What are the leaders of the Union so afraid of, you might ask?  I think they fear that other unhappy members of the group might try to also escape. Let’s see if Britain can do it, get out of the European Union, and then see who is not going to be nice who whom?

For example, Croatia, Portugal and Greece will always need British tourism.  They will be nice, I am sure. Cadbury’s chocolate, British Gas, British Telecom, Cheddar and Double Gloucester cheese, British fish fingers , British High Tech and British Intelligence are just a few of our contributions.  The list goes on. Surely, they will find a way to be nice and civil, after the event. Maybe the question we should be considering is actually how friendly the British will be to the Europeans, after the event. After all, European immigrants into England are very well cared for.  If needed, they are provided with free housing, free national health care, free resident visas, free social benefits etc etc. Even to non-European family members. Let us remember that the national living wage in Croatia remains fixed at 5,400 pounds per year, whereas in the UK, the national living wage is nearing four times that, at 20,000 pounds per year.  How many Brits travelled to Slovakia last year for a life threatening medical operation? Do you see my point?

On a more positive note, should the Brits gloat when they start to make new and exciting trade deals with America, India and Asian counterparts?  Those trade deals that France and Germany could only wish for? And if it’s a bit rough at first, and we can’t get Manchego or Brie, then we shall have to satisfy ourselves with more British Cheddar and Red Leicester!

So, to the great British Nation… let’s move forward, let’s be bold.  Let’s show our back-bone and stand proud. Britain is an Empire. She should hold our heads  up, vigorous and high. Let’s stop worrying about offending and upsetting those Europeans who are standing in the way of democracy.  Great Britain is probably one of the last remaining nations still teaching their schoolchildren to stand in line quietly and wait their turn.  Well, their turn has come. Let’s unravel the 3-year time machine, let’s find a way to unlock the dead-lock and liberate the people once and for all.


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