Why Choose Us?

Our office is recognized as one with a high work ethic, uncompromising professionalism and which provides personal attention to each petition. Inasmuch as we are aware of the extreme importance of an immigration or work visa application, and of the tremendous significance the success or failure of these issues have on the lives of our clients, we treat each case as if it was our own.

We have a 99.9 percent success rate – see our testimonials. We have a strict policy – we do not submit your case unless we strongly believe you chances are above 100%. The Officer has the last discretion, but its in our hands to present your life. We have had cases approved in 20 minutes and others in 4 days! 

We are well-versed on the current relevant legislation in each of the countries in which we offer services, and maintain valuable contacts with the different immigration authorities.


  • Evaluating eligibility for visas/immigration
  • Informing the client as to the most updated regulations
  • Examining alternative visa options
  • Offering optional strategies
  • Assistance in locating all necessary documents


We demonstrate a proven track record of successful visa, work permit and immigration applications.


We offer a full range of immigration and citizenship services for individuals and corporations around the world.


We offer varieties of immigration services, kindly click the link below to learn more about our other services.

DRSI Global will ADVISE you on the best option