Sklar Law Offices specializes in Global Immigration law. DRSI LAW was founded in 2005 by Advocate Daliah Sklar, a graduate of University of Manchester Law School, a licensed solicitor of both the England & Wales Bar Associations. She is a Public notary and a recognised certified translator by the British Embassy. The offices have been partners with the British Department of International Trade for over a decade and a half.

Наши клиенты получают личное, профессиональное и добросовестное внимание, предоставленное на высочайшим уровне. Для компании нет проблем с географическими ограничениями, мы представляем клиентов со всего мира. У нас есть явное преимущество в том, что английский является родным языком всех членов нашей команды, также как и французский, русский, украинский и иврит.

Наша Команда

Далия Склар - Учредитель

Усредитель компании DRSI LAW UK, юрист по вопросам иммиграции, нотариус

Нурит Ленга Лазаровски

Юрист по вопросам иммиграции в отделе США

Murielle Miriam Wolfman

Консултант по вопросам Иммиграции в США и Шенгенскую Зону; Юрист-стажер 

Ariel Radzinski

UK Immigration Consultant and Legal Pre-Intern

Амалия Степанян​

Высокоценный менеджер по связям и бухгалтерскому учету

Дебби Склар

Персональный учитель английского языка в компании DRSI Law

Зив Коен

Менеджер по маркетингу и развитию бизнеса

Джина Бихи Зену

Магистр психологии, Профессиональная психологическая помощь связанная с переездом

Нелли Хершкович

Офис менеджер

Мы осознаем тот факт, что наши клиенты имеют ряд потребностей, и поэтому мы уделяем каждому индивидуальное внимание. Наш профессиональная и преданная команда имеет большой опыт и предлагает наилучшую возможную помощь на каждом этапе процесса. Он предоставляет индивидуальную, личную и профессиональную поддержку каждому из наших клиентов.

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Daliah Sklar​

Global Immigration Law Expert and Founder of DRSI LAW UK Immigration Solicitor, Notary

Daliah Sklar, a law graduate of Manchester University, registered UK Solicitor & Israeli Attorney. She is a registered Public Notary and a certified translator for British Embassy. Her capacious knowledge of Global Immigration Law ranges from US Corporate & family Law to UK Immigration for companies, entrepreneurs, extraordinary ability individuals to European and British family cases. Additionally her expertise covers Citizenship by Investment and by descent programs, consulting on options to gain European, Caribean or Middle Eastern passports through legitimate Government programs. 

Daliah has over 15 years experience as a professional solicitor and has assisted thousands of clients all over the world from Public companies to single low income parents. In a recent case, she successfully helped a young lady to accomplish her dream after she was approved US Citizenship in less than two months. The client had been cut off by both her parents for religious differences at the age of 12, had been living in foster care and had been rejected by the US Embassy three times. We all shed a tear of happiness. 

Daliah can assess a case after a short consultation, strategically design a time-line to help the client plan for his future move with his family, advise the client regarding legal tax obstacles that may arise where they should seek professional advice, advise on anticipated costs and most importantly on the chances of success based on any surprises that may arise. 

Both UKVI and USCIS, today are ploughing through individuals social media, and seeking material daily to use as evidence against a potential migrant, using Facial recognition methods to capture evidence of past visits 

and the burden of proof today regarding all facts submitted lies with the applicant. 

Numerous cases are evaluated based on future financial forecasts and a strategic business plan, to which Daliah and her team will study, construct and consult after a concentrated appraisal is exercised by DRSI Law team. 

DRSI clients are committed to reaching out to us at all times, to ask us at DRSI LAW any question they feel relevant – our door is open always. 

Daliah studied in grammar schools in England which taught her the systematic method that she uses daily with her staff, with her clients and with business partners – a triangle of strict discipline, entwined with creativity finalised with empathy. 

Confidence in your immigration lawyer is mandatory. 

An expert immigration lawyer must project, anticipate and focus on intricate details of his clients case. 


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Nurit Lazarovsky

US Immigration Attorney 

Nurit lived in USA for over twenty years and is a licensed NY Attorney. She has worked for DRSI Law for over 5 years since 2015 and her expertise in US Immigration Law ranges over hundreds of different successful US immigration cases from complex family petitions, naturalization and citizenship petitions, and employment-based temporary and permanent petitions. 

Her specialty lies in working with multinational corporations with branches worldwide and finding the perfect solution to relocate employees between branches based on trade or investment with the US. DRSI clients are always prepared before a consular Interview and Nurit has tweaked a system based on upmost professionalism with support and confidence. 

She has dealt with unique cases overturning refusals of entry decisions to the US, for tourist and business purposes and her sophisticated eye for detail, provides the client with an excellent case leading to a flying success rate of cases. 

Bilingual in English and Hebrew after living in New York and New Jersey for over a decade. 

Admitted to a bar in New York 2014.


+(972) 775166505

Murielle Miriam Wolfman

US & Schengen Immigration Consultant and Legal Pre-Intern 

Murielle, Originally from Montreal, Canada, received B.A. in Economics from Concordia University in Montreal and then continued to a unique bilingual 3.5 year LLB from College of Law & Business, Israel. During University she was chosen as a distinction student and was chosen over hundreds of students participate in the EGL program from excellent students. She then was chosen to represent the school at the annual International debate located in ICC in Paris. Currently she is preparing for her admittance to the Israel BAR. 

She is trilingual speaking french and English mother tongue and Hebrew as a second language. She has excellent translating skills and over 10 years experience in international Financial and Banking Judiciary Systems which has led to her demonstrate and advise on complex understanding of finances and monetary investments. As a previous senior investment advisor for Scotiabank, she can comprehend with our clients budgets, financial forecasts and investment capability. 

At DRSI Law, she works directly with potential US migrants and foreign companies. She analyses their companies and their purpose to arrive in the United States and prepares legal research, comprehensive attorney explanation letters, working with clients on filling in the exact forms with all the intricate details that cannot be overseen and sitting in strategic meetings with clients. She works on E1 treaty trader cases, E2 Treaty investor cases, L1 Intra company managerial / experienced knowledge cases and O-1 – Extraordinary ability cases and is an expert in DS-160 and DS-156E forms. She also handles all schengen visa applications for our non visa national clients who visit Europe including domestic caregiver visas. 


+(972) 775166505

Ariel Radzinski

UK & Internal Israel Immigration Consultant and Legal Pre-Intern

Ariel has a B.A in International Relations and Social Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia and a LLB Law Degree from the Ono Academic College, Israel after completing a year Diploma in Business studies. With his background cultural knowledge of the U.K. and Commonwealth countries, Ariel is our A-Z advisor, from private customers to multinational corporations, for the expedition of a range if different visa options. Ariel has worked in the Israel Company registrar and is an expert of the corporate registration process, annual mandatory reporting and different types of corporate entities including dissolutions. 

At DRSI Law, his expertise range from all the Tier 2 Work Visa options, Tier 1 Innovation and Start up visa, Tier 1 high Net worth Investor, Tier 1 Exceptional talent visa, NON PBS Sole Rep Visas, Tier 4 student visas long term and short and domestic workers. 

Ariel also handles all visas Israeli incoming expert visas for executive officers of international companies. He works directly with the Expert Immigration committee in Jerusalem and then with the local Ministry of Interior. He is bilingual in English and Hebrew and translates fluently to both languages and speaks basic Spanish. He is accustomed to all UKVI forms from VAF with embassy, SET (O) – Indefinite Leave to Remain to European Union, Brexit EEA Pre Settled and Euro TLR forms. Ariel has also successfully worked on dozens of British citizenship cases, including complex naturalization to siumpe renewals that were rejected because of technicalities that the regular British citizen could not comprehend alone. 


+(972) 775166505 

Amalia Stepanian

Высокоценный менеджер по связям и бухгалтерскому учету

Amalia was born in Ukraine and made Aliyah to Israel in 2015. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and English Literature from Karazin International University. She is bilingual in Ukranian, Russian, Italian and English and Hebrew. She is a unique talent and a gem in our team. She is a professional translator and is a fantastic assistant with Paralegal work and our liaison officer with our High Net worth foreign clients. 

Having a vast experience in the Billing System working earlier in her career in the Import -Export Industry for the EU market territory, she manages our office and our books as an Accounting Bookkeeper. 

Amalia is our financial headmistress. Her strict policy allows the team to focus on our work, while she organises the billing systems, the payments schedules, the letters of engagements, the suppliers and the international banking.





Дебби Склар

Персональный учитель английского языка в компании DRSI Law 

Debbie was born and educated in England. She lived there for 35 years and worked at the British Houses of Parliament, in the Political Television Department. Whilst working as a researcher for the Granada Television Company, she met and worked with many Government Ministers, Political figures and well-known TV Producers, Directors and International Correspondents. 

She came to Israel in 1993 and re-established herself as an English Speech Coach. Over the past 15 years , she has helped hundreds of people reach their best possible levels in all aspects of English. She has prepared Israeli doctors for intensive examinations in English. University lecturers have been trained in how to build confidence and give speeches abroad. People working in politics have been guided in how to represent themselves at overseas political events and business-people, motivational coaches and hi-tech entrepreneurs have all benefited from her first-class training. Her command of the English language is excellent and she is available to any of our clients who need her help. 

As part of the DRSI concept of IMMIGRATION ABROAD, our experience has taught us that a good understanding of the English language is an integral part of the process. In fact, many of our clients are required to pass an intensive 4-hour test which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. Others will need to attend a lengthy interview with a United States Consular Officer. It is most important to prove to them that you can speak and understand a high level of English. Almost all clients will be asked informative questions about their work, experience, specific knowledge…often detailed financial questions and even questions about their “hopes and aspiration in life”. The fluency of the applicants English language skills will definitely reflect well on the final result on the case. 

Should our English Language Speech Coach be needed, she will be briefed with a full break-down of the clients visa process requirements. A professional analysis of what is required, together with our clients potential English skills will be discussed by the DRSI team. A copy of the Business Plan will be studied and an informal meeting will be arranged. Most clients require approximately 8 to 12 face to face or Zoom meetings, in order to be fully prepared for the Consular meeting. (Academic and professional test applicants will usually require more time.) 

Self confidence and ability to speak fluently in English is key to a successful application. With the help of our Speech Coach, the clients understand how to present their Business Plan in a serious and professional way. And it will all be in English…every aspect of the business, the general strategy together with direction and projections for the future. For clients who are required to sit a test, skills will be taught and test-papers will be used to ensure that all applicants are fully prepared. These tests includeL IELTS/TRINITY level 4-8 or B1 ICEE Level. 

We at DRSI understand the importance of being prepared. Whilst our legal team are preparing the application, the client should be preparing him/herself for spoken English at its best. Our in-house English Speech Coach will scrutinize all angles of your Business Plan, to make sure that everyone is ready to pass the test.



Зив Коен

Менеджер по маркетингу и развитию бизнеса

Ziv is a BA graduate of Business Economics, MA in Law and soon to completing his LLB in Law. Ziv is bilingual and speaks fluent Hebrew and English. As a young entrepreneur in the business world, Ziv also founded a successful company specializing in filling in Tourist and Immigrant visa forms to the USA. His company has grown to 12 people and they manage hundreds of petitions a month.   

As DRSI Marketing and Biz Dev manager, he is responsible for developing, implementing and executing the various strategic marketing plans to expand. Today – DRSI can service a full range of solutions, from personal family and domestic issues abroad, business plans and acquisitions of foreign companies in UK and USA, introductions between partnerships and franchises, international tax strategies, certified translations, notary and apostille stamps as well as in depth European, UK and US complex immigration legal scenarios. 

DRSI are legal representatives to Citizenship acquisition projects in Portugal, Cyprus, Caribean countries as well as Turkey and Moldova. In as quick as 6 months, one can purchase residency and citizenship which attracts high net worth customers and those in need of a fast solution.

We Ziv tracks and analyzes the business performance of campaigns, marketing budget and ensuring that all marketing material is in line with legal requirements and the DRSI brand identity. His hands-on experience with web analytics tools, and online creativity able us to reach out to a range of different potential markets worldwide and we turn DRSI  creative ideas into effective projects. Ziv’s our  knowledge spreads to the most up-to-date and latest immigration news worldwide with the latest trends and teaches the DRSI to always be ontop of the changing global news. 

office@drsi-law.com +972585207760

Джина Бихи Зену

MA Psychology 

DRSI Relocation Professional Therapist – for Families, Couples and Corporate HR services

Gina grew up in London, England before emigrating to Israel in her teens. Following a degree in both Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom she continued to complete her Masters degree in Psychology at Bar-Ilan University. Choosing a career in therapeutic change she completed two practical psychotherapy training programs at the Maagalim College of psychotherapy specializing in the practice of bringing real results in the areas of family, relationships and parenting. 

For the past six years she has worked with individuals, families, couples and groups with a wide range of issues from anxiety to marital and family conflict to helping guide people toward their goals and assist them in facing major life changes. 

Fully bi-lingual in English and Hebrew Gina specializes working with couples from different cultures or those acclimatizing to different countries. 

Facing such changes can be very daunting and a major stressor for everyone. 

DRSI law provides you with access to personal sessions either in person or virtual in order to prepare you for the issues you will be facing. Receive guidance and support as well as helpful theory and practical information as to how to not just overcome these changes but thrive. 

Such sessions will be tailored to your personal needs helping you from the first thoughts about moving to going through the process and waiting periods to preparing your partner and family ahead of time for the move. We will address decisions regarding how to prepare children, working on enabling better lines of communication within the family, marital stress, career changes and how that affects the family or couple dynamic to list just a few. 

DRSI recognise that the entire period of relocating to another country can be extremely stressful, thinking about the family, registering to the schools, new friends for kids, the language, what your spouse will do, finding a new home that the kids will like, learning how to drive, perhaps dealing with medical issues and the list goes on and on before even touching on the Visa process. This personal tailored support will be with you every step of the way- making it seem.

Нелли Хершкович

Офис менеджер

Nelly was born in Israel but then resided in the US for more than 30 years, where she got married and has become a mother of four incredible children. She is our office manager and the first contact with all our clients. 

After a short friendly chat with our incoming calls and potential customers, Nelly shall evaluate the clients requirements and can usually help them with a useful tips and a brief description of anticipations. Nelly will be the first landing spot in the office and her grand and generous characture ensures that all guests are treated with VIP service and that their needs are handled. She is responsible for scheduling all meetings and also payments by clients and assisting them work out a comfortable and supportive payment schedule that suits all parties.