Tech Nation Changed its immigration policy and become the new GLOBAL Talent Visa

by Daliah Sklar, UK Solicitor 

The United States has a Talent visa – and now the United Kingdom has a Global Talent visa. In fact, the visa has existed since 2018, however, the name has now been changed from Extraordinary ability to Global Talent.

Have the rules changed – No, not really -with a MAJOR exception – NO QUOTA.

Until February 20 2020, there were only 2000 Extraordinary talent and Extraordinary Promise visa (Tier 1 ETV) for the entire world to apply for – but since Brexit has entered into effect on January 31st 2020 – UK are out there to search for Global Talent (GTV) and this change shows that there will be no limits any longer.

Today we can request any length for the visa duration – starting from 1 year till 5 years, in one-year increments. Permanent residency in the United Kingdom requires 5 years of physical presence in the UK, however, there are some exceptions that will be accepted that reduce the time frame for Exceptional talent to 3 years. Researchers can now include time spent outside the UK, researching for a UK project as part of physical presence towards Settlement.

Talent – The Global talent is still aimed at the same ‘highly-skilled’ applicants – focusing on reputable candidates that are featured in magazines, articles, are leaders in their industry. Candidates may be appointed on panels to speak in public or judge others work, candidates have evidence of exceeding in businesses and raising capital funds. The technational remains dedicated to Tech and Entrepreneurs in this rising field. 

Apart from permitting the candidate to now extend his CV to 3 A4 pages, the 10 list evidence list remains the same with three reference letters from peers in the industry, referencing your excellent contribution to the UK should you be granted Leave to Enter. 

TechNation has many Growth programs and Accelerators to assist in many different areas – Early Stage, Founders network, Rising stars, Mid Stage,  Late stage, Upscale, Future Fisty, Fintech, Cyber and Applied AI. These programs assist the foreign new startup to have a direct connection with “peer-to-peer learning”, meet with world industry-leading coaches, and introductions that will path a smoother non-obstacle way forth in the UK. You will be helped to brand and market your product or trade and all the programs are free of charge.

Government Fees – You must pay a separate fee for the 2 stages of this process:

  • stage 1 – endorsement

  • stage 2 – visa application

Stage 1 – endorsement

All main applicants must pay the £456 fee to get an endorsement when applying for the first time or switching to this visa category.

To get the visa you need to pass to stage 2

Stage 2 – visa application with the embassy – All main applicants must pay the £152 fee

If you’re making an immigration application online you pay the healthcare surcharge as part of the application process which cost £400 pounds per year that you wish to reside in the USA for.

Process Timeline:

Stage 1 can be endorsed with 8-10 weeks

Stage 2 with Premium – with 10 working days

Please do not hesitate to contact DRSI LAW to get an eligibility test and review of your documents before you file the case.


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