Saar Karti
I met Daliah more than 5 years ago, When I was googling for someone to help me achieve my dreams in the US. At first, it looked impossible to get a working Visa in the US till I met Daliah! She is Smart and organized but still thinks out of the box. She helped me achieve a great case to enter the US. It was a dream come true back then and could only be achieved by her professional skills, experience and creative thinking. Now after 5 years of living on the E1 visa in the US with a successful post production artistic graphic company, I left my wife and kids back in the US to take the chance to return to the US Embassy and renew my E1 visa. First there were travel restrictions, so daliah advised me to apply for a new E1 in the US, and we even changed the company details and the Working permit was approved for an additional 2 years inside the USA - but I wanted a visa in my passport. Daliah explained that this meant submitting a new case to the US embassy and taking a chance. I was worried about my chances - but Daliah advised me that my chances were excellent and I put all my faith in her and the great case that we constructed. I came back to the US embassy and received an excellent preparation the day before by her staff with specific questions how to be ready for the interview. Because of Corona I was alone, and Daliah could not come into the embassy with me as my lawyer and I was really nervous. The interview went exactly how she had advised and I was ready to answer all the questions that the officer asked me. My company is really going well, and Daliah advised me to be confident. This was the best advice because everything went smoothly. I was approved for a second term of 52 months. Daliah was a great help as always! Don’t go anywhere else. And believe me I had options!
Amit Chachek
RealMotion LLC -
Happy Customer
Sweet Gift from our Wonderful Customers
Mirna Sassine
Sumit Malhotra
I highly recommend Daliah Sklar as an immigration lawyer. She is exceptionally professional, thoughtful, caring, communicative, innovative, and very pleasant to work with. I applied for a Global Talent UK Visa, and Daliah made the entire process from beginning to end very easy and fast. I received my visa within a few weeks after submitting my application. Her paralegal Asia (Last Name), was a tremendous help and supported my application process up close. She is very detail-oriented, highly skillful and she was there for any questions I had. Applying for a visa or any immigration process can be very stressful, and Daliah made this process as smooth as possible. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with her and I warmly recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer.
Aviv Benn
HFN Law Offices
Jonathan Sessler
Majd Ryan
Mirna Sassine
Hi Daliah and Ariel, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing service and assistance with this case. It started a year ago, and now after all those months, I can relax (at least from this aspect). Just to share with you that it was one of the biggest administration challenges I need to complete as part of the company's Reset. Thank you again and see you soon in Israel. Thanks again, Jonathan
Jonathan Gan
CEO & Founder
I think two days is a new record!! Thank you so much Ariel and Daliah for all your hard work, and of course Jonathan for steering the ship at our side! Thanks again!
Elliott Saray
Thank you guys for the fantastic work! Ariel it was a pleasure working with you
closely on the application, very professional and courteous! Thanks, -Adi 9.12.2019
Adi Toppol
Daliah was recommended to my husband and me by an executive at the company we both work for, and she was very helpful as we prepared for my husband's K1 visa to immigrate to the United States. Daliah provided Certified English Translations for my husband's Israeli documents, including court records. She met with us and helped us organize our documentation and navigate the visa process. Our visa process was faster than expected, and I think working with Daliah certainly streamlined the process for us (we were approved and my husband now is a legal permanent resident of the United States). In general, I think working with a lawyer who specializes with Israeli law and US immigration law is the way to go -- Daliah was just what we needed! I have recommended her throughout the year to other Israelis I know looking to immigrate to the United States. Thank you, Daliah!
Eli & Moli Morat​
My family and I would like to express our deep appreciation to Michael H. Davis and to Daliah Sklar, and to their teams at DAVIS & GOLDFRAB and DRSI LAW. My company’s lawyer recommended Daliah as the best in the field in Israel, and indeed, after a short discussion, Daliah immediately defined the exact and optimal approach to process our Visa applications. Daliah connected me with Michael’s office in US, to do the main work, which is in the US. Daliah and her team provided the work required in Israel. Everybody in both teams were so coordinated, efficient, friendly and professional – this was the BEST experience for us. Michael is an outstanding professional at the highest level. Moreover, he is totally devoted and thorough, and attentive to every detail. Having a lot of patience, Michael is always willing to help, explain and instruct through the process. Michael invested in understanding my business, and in getting to know my family and me, in order to prepare the most precise application. Working with Michael was a great experience – it was so efficient, convenient, and highly professional. It’s the combination of top professionalism, real commitment, and a kind and friendly approach, that made the process so much smooth, pleasant and easy for us. We are grateful to Michael, Daliah, Kate, and Nurit. It is my pleasure to write this letter, and to express our many-many thanks. I strongly recommend working with Michael and Daliah – their professionalism ensures the most successful and smooth process.
Abraham Varon Weinryb​
CEO, Applied Structures​
Daliah helped me receiving a visitor visa to UK even tough I have been refused few weeks before. It would not happen if not her. Thank you Daliah for your kind and professional service!
I've known Daliah for the past 10 years. During this period of time Daliah has helped me to successfully receive my work Visas on two different occasions and to two different countries. The first time was on 2007 when Daliah managed my Visa application process for obtaining a PR to Australia. The second and most recent application was for the USA where she diligently worked and guided me through the process until receiving the E1/E2 Visa. Whenever you need a work Visa I advice to meet with Daliah. She is always professional, easy going and extremely helpful in achieving your personal and business goals.
Ben Aderet
CEO​ GRSee Consulting
I wanted to thank you so much for the great service you have given me! To be honest, I was a little skeptical in the beginning, and wasn't sure whether I really need a lawyer or can I just file the visa request myself, but our first phone call just convinced me that there is so much to know about this process. The work with you, Ilana and Avital has been awesome, response times have been great and your experience shows. Best part was the embassy meeting with Ilana, where other than being present and give my fingerprints, I didn't really have to do anything, as it all been taken care of. I definitely recommend this service. Even though it is possible to file a visa request on your own - the whole relocation process is stressful enough, and nothing can top that feeling that the visa part is being handled by somebody who knows the job and will get it right for you.
Shachar Meir
Daniel and I are extremely happy and satisfied with our decision of choosing to work and commit to DRSI FIRM. DRSI services were extremely supportive, professional and always available when needed. They are very extremely knowledgeable of procedures needed to be taken to reach success. They've been by our side from beginning to end and always explained any aspects needed. Our experience working together was very satisfying and with that said we'd highly recommend their services.
Guy Marom
I would like to thank you and all at DRSI for a fantastic service in helping us apply for, what turned out to be, a rather complicated and long winded Spouse VISA application for my wife Adi to come and join me in the UK. Without your help it is not “for sure” whether we would’ve been successful, especially when faced with seemingly insurmountable hurdles (ie: the total unlikeliness of Adi managing to finish a written English test – you found that right place for the test that we just didn’t know about that accepted Oral only). I would not hesitate to recommend DRSI to all who face difficult / unclear visa situations. Daliah and her team have deep knowledge and experience – that combined with a top success rate. Worth every penny. Thanks again Daliah. And congrats all round, you guys rock!!
Giles Goodman
We want to thank you and your team for the professional service! Relocation of our entire family was quite overwhelming. Approaching DRSI to process our UK visas took a load of worries away! Your team is incredibly organized, easy to communicate the most helpful and friendly. Many thanks .
I. Orly
I do not remember how I got to DRSI, but I remember that Daliah went out of her way into meeting my husband and I, at a non-conventional time in order to give us a consultation. I was so happy to have found that Daliah can assist us in getting what we needed. We were prepared that this may be a complicated and long process, and we were happy to go on this long journey knowing Daliah and her team were handing all bureaucracies for us. Daliah’s has a tremendously helpful legal team, assisting during unconventional hours if needed and going the extra mile. Her team is dedicated and caring, to a personal level. I highly recommend using DRSI’s services, and wish DRSI great continued success in what they do, we are blessed to have you.
Ortal Menashri
The process is accompanied by a great staff- both professionally and personally, so you always sure that you have a kind and professional person to turn to! During the entire process, I felt and still feel that I’m not alone, and that I’m accompanied by the best staff possible!
Ofer Bashan
דליה יקרה אני רוצה לומר... תודה.תודה.תודה! כשיצאתי למסע לקבלת ויזת אמן בינלאומי באנגליה המון אנשים בבי"ס למשחק בתכנית MFA שעשיתי במחזות זמר אמרו לי שזה מאוד קשה ושהמון אנשים שהם מכירים ניסו ולא הצליחו ושכדאי לחשוב על ויזות אחרות שייתכן ויהיו יותר פשוטות לקבלה. אבל אני ישבתי איתך, ובה"ש שמצאתי אותך לאחר מספר המלצות בקבוצות FB של ישראלים באנגליה וישראלים בלונדון, שוחחנו, ראיתי בנאדם רציני וממוקד ומיד התחלנו לעבוד ולחתור למטרה. הנחת אותי , אספנו כל כתבה שאי פעם נעשתה עלי, דאגנו לבקש המלצות מאנשי המקצוע הטובים ביותר באנגליה שיצא לי לעבוד עמם בשנתיים שלי פה במסגרת לימודי, רתמנו את הרב המקומי שתמך ועזר, ליקטנו כתבות שנעשו עלי באנגליה בזמן שהותי פה בהקשר להצגה ששיחקתי בה ולתרומה לקהילה היהודית בגילפורד, וכל רעיון יצירתי שהיה לך הפכנו למציאות. ניגשנו לקבלת הויזת אמן ברמה הגבוהה ביותר שמקנה מסלול מהיר לאזרחות לאחר מספר שנים בודדות, TIER1 והנה למרות כל הקולות שאמרו שזה קשה, ושהסיכויים נמוכים, הצלחנו. אני חזרתי לאנגליה לפני 3 שבועות עם נטלי והבן שלנו ועדיין לא מאמין שהצלחנו. את האמנת שזה יעבוד מההתחלה וגרמת לי להאמין. הבאת את הנסיון העשיר שלך ואת הקור רוח וגרמת לי להאמין. וכשמאמינים - דברים קורים. והנה קיבלתי את ויזת האמן הבינלאומי. דליה תודה ענקית. לא יודע איך להודות לך. כל שקל שכ"ט ששילמתי לך היה שווה את זה . תודה ענקית לך ולכל צוות המשרד ולאריאל היקר על כל העזרה וההגשמה של המטרה והחלום שלנו. מקווה שאזכה להזמין אותך להצגה בלונדון/ ב UK כשכל הטירוף COVID הזה ייעלם. ❤
יובל , נטלי ונוה לב שוורצמן