The UK still in Lockdown Mode, but there is light at the end of the Channel

On May 10, the British Government declared that they are working on a phasing-out plan to get the UK back to work. 

Currently, the plan is to have schools open from June 1, “at earliest.” Furthermore, travel restrictions, which are currently one of the strictest in Europe, may be laxed, however, these seem country-based.  An example of this is entrants from Ireland currently do not have any entry restrictions.  

A proposal that is yet to be implemented is that of a 14- day quarantine for every entrant from who has arrived from overseas via the air.  This is due to the concern that such passengers are coming from an internally circulated ventilation system on the planes without the proper air recycling systems.  

However, due to the repercussions of instituting quarantine, French citizens have already shown their anger, and therefore, the British government seems to be showing signs of relaxation with regard to entrants from France. 

Although the government would like to be wanting to deliver a structured exit from the current situation, this does not seem to be the case, particularly after Prime Minister Johnson’s address on the 10th of May, where it seems he left more questions than answers. 

Furthermore, the UK is still behind its European counterparts, where France has started to allow for more commuters on its public transportation systems, as well as for workers to start to attend social gatherings, albeit in a minimal and responsible way. 

Germany has attempted to take the lead whereby shops of up to 800 square meters (8,600 ft) in size have already been allowed to open. Moreover, all restrictions on shops will now be lifted, although masks must be worn and social distancing maintained, and schools are also gradually being opened. 

As such, it seems more likely than not that a lifting of the current quarantine, and even getting life back to normal within the next month is nowhere in sight. 

Moreover, the current cases of UK citizens carrying the virus (COVID-19) stand at 219,183, with 31,855 confirmed deaths – see chart: 


DRSI LAW is staying up to date regarding all the travel information and COVID-19 news occurring in the United Kingdom. 

We are, nevertheless, still suggesting to our clients to continue with the preparation of their cases so that we may submit once the country has got back on its feet. 


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