European Immigration


There are by now 28 member states in the European Union.
The “Startup Visa” is a temporary residence permit provided by numerous European countries to invite entrepreneurs who are interested to invest their funds in a Start up entrepreneurship and receive permanent residency stay afterwards. The following developed European countries apply the “Startup visa route” and if you follow the route successfully you could end up with European Citizenship.

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To apply for the Entrepreneur visa for Germany you need to submit a business plan, financing concept (includes profit and loss account, capital requirements and financing

plan, liquidity plan), health insurance leaflet and certificate, and curriculum vitae and credentials.

Either you are self-employed (Gewerbetreibender), or you are a freelancer (Freiberufler). According to your profession - you are considered either self Employed or Freelance.

Working as a freelancer -

In Germany, numerous professions are known as “liberal professions” (“Freie Berufe”). If you set up a business in one of these professions, you usually work as a Freiberufler. These include:

  • medical occupations, e.g. as a doctor

  • advisory occupations in law, tax or economics

  • technical or scientific occupations, e.g. as an engineer

  • occupations concerned with the transfer of information and creative occupations, e.g. as an interpreter

  • pedagogical occupations, e.g. as a nursery nurse.

An overview of the liberal professions is available on the Startup Portal.

Some professions can only be allocated to the liberal professions following a case-by-case analysis.

Your local tax office will decide whether your profession is considered freiberuflich or gewerblich, once you register your business at the latest four weeks after you started your activities.

Bear in mind that for some professions, you will need to provide evidence of certain qualifications and vocational credentials.

DRSI LAW can register your business in Germany prior to your arrival with the Local Tax office.

Working on a self-employed basis (Gewerbliche Tätigkeit)

If you would like to set up your own crafts or retail business, you will need to register your business. You need to do that in the town or municipality where your business headquarters will be.

For some occupations, such as handicraft businesses, financial service providers, and nursing services you will need to fulfill certain admission requirements (“erlaubnispflichtiges Gewerbe”).

DRSI Law can advise you whether you are subject to an authorization which may mean that you will need to obtain certain approvals, apply for a license or prove that you hold certain professional qualifications in accordance with your local region.

Naturalisation - German Passport through German citizenship

Permanent residence can be granted within 3 to 4 years of holding a Residence Permit depending on your category.

If you are not German by birth, you can be naturalized if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have been living in Germany legally for at least eight years as well as extra criteria