E2 Treaty Investor visas for the Diamond Industry. The trade today needs to reach a point of a few million dollar in value per year, and if not, the trader will not be approved a visa, not for his company and not for himself or his employees.

Today, Attorney Daliah Sklar – expert in Global Immigration Solutions and Attorney Alon Shiry shall be lecturing before the expert traders from the Diamond Industry on July 1st, 2019 – about the new opportunities that lay ahead for Israeli investors who wish to invest in the USA. The introduction of the #E2 investor treaty visa will now permit the leading Diamond experts to set up business in the USA directly. The opportunities will permit them to trade with other countries outside Israel, will allow them to expand into new consumer trends. It opens up freedom for stretching their businesses today.
Should a Diamond Company in Israel or a diamond trader find that the E1 treaty trader requirements are too tough and he does not fulfil the legal rules – today the E2 can replace the E1 visa.

The E2 can also be a starting stone to concrete a platform to reach the treaty Trader Visa – the E1 visa. The E1 trader trader visa, is the visa that most of the Diamond traders know and have worked with for many years.

The Embassy today are very comprehensive regarding the E1 diamond industry – they know the rises, the escalations, the trends and the drops of the industry and they see if a trader is a serious trader or not.

The trade today needs to reach a point of a few million dollar in value per year, and if not, the trader will not be approved a visa, not for his company and not for himself or his employees.

This means that his trade is stopped and he cannot work with the USA.

Now the new introduction of the E2 investor visa can replace this. The treaty investor visa will allow a trader to purchase an existing US business or set up and incorporate his own business by investing his own funds or his company funds into this new business as capital to market and expand and develop this business.

He is no longer mandatory required to trade solely with Israel any more, and hence this can open up many more doors to different Markets.

Its similar to the #Brexit today – where the UK are looking to exit the limited trade rules and expand globally.

This is what the E2 treaty Investor visa can do for Israeli diamond experts – explode their opportunities world wide. As an example with an investment of $150,000 USD, a trader could invest in a New York Pawn Store in Queens County, The Owner is now retiring and he wants to sell off this store – the store generates revenues of $300,000 and is being sold with an annual lease and inventory of $50,000. The Investor will apply for an E2 visa for himself to allow him to work in his new US business, and bring his wife and children to the USA with him for up to 4 years. Now the magic begins… during this period – should the new US business owner wish to hire and other Israeli senior employees to join him to manage and direct the business,he can invite an unlimited amount of senior employees to assist him to grow his business in the USA and the visa process for the employees can take around two weeks in total. There are no language requirements, no prior employee period of working in the US, nor no education requirements.

The initial process can take up three months and then the employee visas can be approved within 2 weeks. The costs are a fraction of the fees that you pay to the USCIS or to immigration in the USA. The chances of being approved a visa and much higher than filing the cases to the USCIS.

This was called the “dream visa” and certainly when TRUMP shouted in 2018 that AMERICA was looking for Business – this is what he meant.

Thousands of US company owners are retiring and being sold, looking for franchises or opening new door for Foreign investors – THIS is the Time to JUMP in and grab the opportunity as it presents itself.

If anyone is interested in viewing our lecture or receiving a copy of our E1/ E2 Diamond Industry Presentation 2019 please email me to [email protected]

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